Tape to DVD Conversion / File Conversion

Bring your old tapes to CVS and I will convert them to either DVD or a file for your pc, mac, tablet or phone.

I can convert just about any type of tape including VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Video 8 and Mini dv. For VHS to DVD I charge £7.00 per hour of tape [or part thereof] transferred.

For conversion to a file format I charge £15.00 per hour of tape [or part thereof]. This is a premium service where your tapes are first ‘digitised’. They are then tidied up in an edit system, including removing any substantial gaps in recordings and removing 'under and over scan' [these are at the top and bottom of the picture which will have either white dotted lines or a slightly distorted image]. Finally, I encode to an MP4 file. I can supply your files on a USB stick or send them by file transfer.