Corporate Productions

You can make a corporate video as complicated, or simple, as you like. I like keeping things simple: it saves time, and also saves you money so it’s a win win.

Many of the videos I do are shot using a very basic brief with a simple ‘shot list’. The key is ensuring enough material is shot to make the video work. From there, I can usually ‘build’ a video using the shot material with the inclusion of titling, graphics, stills, music and voiceover. But if none of these items are needed they don’t get included. The main criteria is that a video should always be entertaining, informative and inspiring.

For more complex videos, then a fair degree of ‘pre production’ planning may be required and that may even involve a storyboard and script. A lot of people seem to get a little confused over what these are: a storyboard is a series of simple drawings which set out how the finished video should look in sequence and how each shot should be filmed. A script is for a voiceover or narration - simple as that!


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